Monday, March 19, 2007

Dhoni to make West Indies permanent home

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (T2N2) Wicketkeeper Mahendra Dhoni made a surprising announcement today - he won't be going back to India after the cricket World Cup.

The sudden decision comes on the heels of television reports that irate fans had stoned Dhoni's house in Ranchi after India lost to Bangladesh on Saturday.

Dhoni told T2N2 he had already applied for a house permit in Trinidad.

"This is disgusting. One loss and they do this to my house. Why should I go back to India. I will stay here"
Skipper Rahul Dravid told T2N2 he had tried his best to pacify Dhoni but the Ranchi batsman stood by his decision.

Protesters in several Indian cities burned effigies of the country's cricket players and chanted slogans against the team after the shocking loss to Bangladesh. (T2N2)

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Hiren said...

It is easy to say that Dhonin should learn to take the brickbats with the bouquets but the fact remains that indian fans are immature and the stock market behavior should stop. It is just a game.

Toe Knee said...

And I hope you noticed this is a game too. Believe this article at your own risk.

Kiran said...

Nice image of Dhoni baba. BTW the latest news is that Trinidadians are ecstatic about this news. Polls show that they hope India qualifies for the super 8, so they get 6 more games to play. The feeling on the street is that after every defeat if they get one Indian player, they will have the top 6 Indian cricketers when the WC ends. Then Trinidad will field its own cricket team independent of the West Indies.

Crazy Journo aka Toe Knee said...

Kiran: But the true Indian cricket fan won't let this happen, would he? Sources say special squads are being formed to kidnap Dhoni in Trinidad and bring him back forcibly. Hope this Mission succeeds.

Anonymous said...

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