Saturday, July 29, 2006

India's top cosmetic surgeon to fix PMO mole

New Delhi (T2N2) Relenting to BJP leader Jaswant Singh's demands on the mole in the PMO, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said he has hired the country's top cosmetic surgeon Dr Sudhakar Prasad to cut away the congenital eyesore.

"Jaswant should have pointed out years ago that he didn't like the mole. We didn't do anything till now because we regarded the mole as a beauty spot," the prime minister told T2N2.

Prasad and his team of doctors are scheduled to perform the cosmetic operation at South Block on Monday.

Jaswant Singh has written extensively about the mole in his book 'A Call to Honour' and has devoted entire chapters tracing the growth and history of the said mole since 1947.

He has alleged that the mole is now giving US citizens free access to India's culinary secrets and musical treasures.

"The mole has grown to about a foot in size and has inadvertently started transmitting programmes aired on Radio Mirchi to the US. I am not saying this is bad but then the West has already stolen things like Indian basmati. They will now copy Indian music," the BJP leader told T2N2.

The former External Affairs minister refused to name the mole in the PMO and said some people might be offended if he gave it a moniker.

"The mole has fans and admirers and they might file a legal suit against me. And who knows whether the mole itself is civil or uncivil," he said.

Expressing his happiness with the prime minister's decision, Singh said he would now devote his spare time to scrutinising pimples, blackheads and warts in the PMO. (T2N2)