Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kidney helps Eve get new-age Adam

New Delhi (T2N2) Rakesh Mathur may not be liking it but his wife Hemlata sure is.

Ever since Mathur underwent a kidney transplant in December last year, this Mongolpuri resident has been exhibiting all the traits of a homemaker.

And why is Hemlata happy with all this? Well, her lazy good-for-nothing husband has suddenly started helping around the house, assisting her with the laundry, the dishes and even changing son Chintu's diapers.

Doctors now suspect that Mathur was given the kidney of a woman and that his newly-acquired habits are vestiges of the deceased woman's traits.

According to kidney specialist Montu Jain, a woman's kidney is radically different from that of a man and responds strongly to external stimuli such as bawling babies, dirty shoes or mangy dogs.
"This particular woman seems to be wielding an extraordinary influence on Mathur. We are closely studying the phenomenon. Nobody's complaining, so we are not thinking of another kidney transplant on Mathur just yet."

Not that Mathur is overjoyed about the whole thing. The 35-year-old chartered accountant says he's happy to help his wife but the time he spends picking up homemaker skills have put paid to drinking sessions with his male colleagues. (T2N2)