Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shilpa Shetty nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Oslo (T2N2) Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, days after she won the British TV show Celebrity Big Brother and maintained her composure in the face of alleged racist bullying by fellow contestant Jade Goody.

Shilpa's poise and equanimity on the show has impressed viewers worldwide and her act of forgiving tormentor Jade has made the Indian actress an epitome of humanity, a member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee revealed to T2N2.

If she wins, Shilpa will be the second Indian citizen to be awarded the prestigious honour after Skopje-born Mother Teresa won it in 1979.

Shilpa, who will be meeting British Prime Minister Tony Blair on February 7 and Queen Elizabeth II in March, said she was delighted to learn of her nomination.(T2N2)

[Click here for daily highlights and videos of Shilpa Shetty's stint on Big Brother]

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shrawan said...

it is great to hear it....

K2 said...

the key word is *if* she wins!! you forgot the nomination for an Oscar as well. Buy one get one free

princeparas said...

Guess You forgot to post source for this news.

Indian Medic said...

u sure do have a lot of time on ur hands.
but the posts are all well written.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I know a female gorilla who is more deserving.

Anonymous said...

shetty is an actress - why would she enter BB? - isn't it a reality show? show? show? - why did she win? why would she get an audience
with the Queen and Blair? who's next? Doherty?

Crazy Journo said...

Shrawan, Prince Paras: I hope you realise this is a spoof and NOT TRUE at all.

K2: What Oscar nomination :)

Indian Medic: Thanks

Gorilla Bananas: But do we always get what we deserve?

Anonymous: Only Shilpa can answer all your whys

Sinduja said...

Well, talk of lady luck giving a grand entry into one's life... lol, what did you expect diplomatic Shilpa to do when faced with such wrath, plunge on jade and rip her hair apart? The Indian madamoiselle who has seen worse politics in the subcontinent knows better.

And what is a better fashion statement than forgiveness? I am sure she still wants to hang Jade by the thumb. A NOBEL PRIZE FOR HYPOCRISY...WOW!!

Hiren said...

I sympathize with Shilpa for what happened and she is nice and hot but giving her the nobel peace prize would be going to other extreme than what happened on the show.

onlinerx4all said...
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