Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wanted: A bride for Ajmal Kasab

NEW DELHI (T2N2) - Prison officials at Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail are on the lookout for a bride for its most famous occupant -- Ajmal Amir Kasab.

Kasab turns 25 on Sept. 13 and the young man, on death row in the 2008 Mumbai attacks case, has reportedly expressed a longing for wedded bliss.

Critics are divided on whether Kasab can be described as India’s most eligible bachelor, considering he is of Pakistani origin.

Kasab, who single-handedly mowed down scores of commuters with his AK-47 at Mumbai’s main train station on Nov. 26, 2008, hasn’t worked for a living since.

Now ensconced at the Arthur Road facility, Kasab has a high-security cell all to himself, where he spends time reading books in Urdu and exercising to keep fit. Jail buffets can’t compete with five-star hotel menus, but this valuable prisoner can’t complain about not getting chicken any more -- after all, recent studies have shown vegetarian food has more health benefits.

Kasab also has an exclusive bullet-proof ward at a Mumbai hospital, in case he ever falls sick -- which is unlikely, since his health is monitored regularly by doctors who dote on him in jail.

Indeed, several firms have requested Kasab to endorse life insurance policies, since he’s so confident of dying a natural death despite court verdicts that are not in his favour.

The Maharashtra government has already spent over 260 million rupees on his upkeep -- a luxury denied even to the heirs of Indian billionaires.

Prison officials are planning to organise a television reality show for Kasab to choose his own bride. The lucky winner will be allowed to spend time in the jail facility for conjugal visits. Laziness is a prerequisite as the bride will be expected to adapt to Kasab’s happy-go-lucky lifestyle in jail. (T2N2)

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