Tuesday, February 28, 2006

NY firm sells water at USD 50 a barrel

New York (T2N2) Samuel Taylor Coleridge's immortal verses on water in Rime of the Ancient Mariner have been cleverly adopted by 21st century pundits to drive home the Save Water campaign.

But even the 19th-century poet would have been astounded by the lengths to which man would go to ensure water supply for himself.

A US company here is doing just that - cashing in on people's fears of a waterless future - and selling water at 50 dollars per barrel. The firm, which calls itself Secure Water for Your Future (SWYF), says it will store water in fortified cryogenised tanks with unique passwords for its paying customers.

These containers will be opened in 2050, at which time the customers or their heirs will be given back the water - to use as they please.

"At that time, a glass of water is estimated to be worth around 100 dollars. We are enabling people to gift their children water security for the future," says company CEO Doug Heffernan.

Surprisingly, sales have been brisk with 45,000 barrels of water sold since the start-up began its scheme in January this year.(T2N2)

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