Sunday, May 08, 2005

John Paul II happy with heavenly abode

Undisclosed location (T2N2) Pope John Paul II, who recently crossed over to the other world is happy with his residence in heaven, sources said today.

"It's really clean and tidy here. Plus, its so peaceful that I can actually hear
the clouds passing by,"
the Pope was quoted as saying by sources.

The popular pontiff, who could well be on the path of sainthood, is also reported to have had an audience with the Heavenly Father as also his son Jesus Christ.

According to sources, the Pope told Princess Diana -

"It was a great moment. God is such a great guy. It was wonderful talking to him and Jesus. I met Mother Teresa too, but only for a few minutes. She's busy taking care of the Heavenly hospital here. It seems many angels here stumble over clouds (being the same colour as themselves) and sustain injuries. Mother seems to as useful here as on Earth."
Asked about his future plans, the Pope said he was looking forward to spend eternity in blissful retirement.

"There's so much to do. Answering prayers of the faithful on earth is in itself a tiring task. When I have time, I prefer sitting in the library here."

Replying to Saint Peter's questions about Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's ability to lead the Catholics, the Pope is said to have praised him highly.

"I feel Ratzinger was the best choice for being the Pope and I am happy with the decision of the cardinals. He was my right-hand man and he would perform his duties well,"

the former Pope was quoted as saying.

The Pope's recommendation is expected to squash murmurs among a section of the Catholic community about the "hardliner" attitude of newly-installed Pope Benedict XVI. (T2N2)

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