Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Uma may get Nobel Peace Prize

New Delhi (T2N2) A startling revelation rocked the Bhartiya Janata Party camp today with the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo revealing that sanyasin Uma Bharti had been nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination came hours after the seasoned political campaigner announced that she was considering retiring from all political intrigues.
"The Committee feels that such a move by Lady Bharati is bound to usher in peace and harmony in Indian political circles and heralds a new beginning for Indian democracy. We feel the need to honour the damsel for her peerless sacrifice in the interests of the people,"
the Peace Prize panel said in a statement.
Although Ms Bharti was unavailable for comment, BJP President L K Advani was unequivocal in his immediate reaction to the announcement.
"I don't understand...I have offered to resign so many times. They never considered me for a prize."

Meanwhile, senior leader Vajpayee also seemed shocked by the news, considering that he burst out crying in front of reporters at his residence.
"Why...(sob)...Why can't she (sob) just leave without any controversy?"

Later in the evening, however, the party issued a perfunctory statement welcoming the announcement and added that it wished more of its notorious leaders could be conferred the coveted Prize, and help the party get rid of them in the process. (T2N2)

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